Best rice cooker

Rice is a personal favorite of many people. It is the kind of food that is enjoyed in every home. While it is fairly easy to make, without the right rice cooker, your rice may not taste quite as good as it should. One should therefore be keen when looking for the best rice cooker. There are a few brands that top the rice cooker reviews.


This rice cooker brand has received quite a number of great rice cooker reviews. It is the best rice cooker for anyone with a tight budget to adhere to. The budget options allow you to have a rice cooker that is effective and simple that will give you tasty evenly cooked results. These rice cookers do not have a lot of features but allow you to program your preferences like the amount of time you want to cook your rice cooked and whether you want to cook white or brown rice.

Tiger rice cooker

This is the perfect rice cooker brand for people with large families because it can make a huge amount of rice at a time- have a capacity of 10 cups of dry rice. It has a sensor for the temperature in the rice cooker and the surrounding to ensure that your rice is evenly cooked. It is non- stick and therefore easy to clean and has a keep warm mode which makes it effective for people who like to cook dinner early.

Instant pot

This is another trusted brand of rice cookers. Although a bit more expensive, it guarantees you value for your money in terms of functionality. It is incredible for all types of rice brown, white and even Spanish rice. It is among the rice cooker brands that have a high number of reviews and ratings in amazon with most saying it is the best rice cooker brand In the m market.